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How secure is your connected product?

Hackers are targeting the Internet of Things. Traditional IT security tools are not sufficient and not designed to address the complexities of IoT.

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CPX features

How do you know?
How do you prove it?
Where do you start?

The Internet of Evil Things

Connecting products to the Internet introduces new security vulnerabilities


Of organizations recognized at least one IoT threat to critical infrastructure*


Average number of attacks organizations suffered from connected devices in the past year*

8 in 10

Businesses reported security was their top concern in developing IoT initiatives

*Trend Micro 2018 Survey
DigiCert/Rerez 2018 Survey

IoT Network

Connected Product Sales Opportunity

Customers would pay more and buy more if connected product security was better


Average increase in pricing that customers would pay for secure IoT devices


Increase in the number of IoT devices customers would buy if device was secure

“IoT device vendors that move quickly to improve the security around IoT devices are likely to reap rewards not only from their ability to earn a premium but also from an expanded market.”

—Bain & Company

Bain and Company


The first security management solution designed exclusively for manufacturers’ connected products and the Internet of Things.

Why Customers Use CPX

  • Provides best practices framework to a secure connected product
  • Confirms IoT solution designed and developed in a secure way
  • Verifies underlying 3rd party software and custom code is secure
  • Verifies installation configured correctly
  • Verifies that the customer-deployed solution is being used in the recommended secure fashion
  • Monitors suspicious behavior
  • Manages a remediation plan

CPX Holistic Approach

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