About CPX Security

At CPX Security, we are passionate about making connected products as secure as possible. Our management and development teams combined years of innovative IoT systems and security experience to introduce the first security solution designed exclusively for manufacturers’ connected products. Our cloud-based, comprehensive solution is focused on one thing – securing the Internet of Things and the connected products that manufacturers design, develop, test, and deploy.

Our mission is simple – secure connected products.

As manufacturers design new products capable of connecting to the internet, they struggle to understand how secure their solutions are and introduce risk to the organizations that deploy these connected products. Hackers are targeting the Internet of Things and traditional IT security tools are not sufficient and not designed to address the complexities of IoT. Our solution, CPX is completely focused on IoT and provides manufacturers with a total end-to-end security platform, framework and roadmap that:

  • Confirms an IoT solution is designed and developed in a secure way
  • Verifies underlying 3rd party software and custom code is secure
  • Verifies installation is configured correctly
  • Verifies that the customer-deployed solution is being used in the recommended secure fashion
  • Monitors and identifies suspicious behavior
  • Prioritizes issues and manages a remediation plan