The only full lifecycle security platform… purpose-built for IoT

Understand Your Entire Security Posture

Understand Your Entire Security Posture

End-to-end solution coverage via 100+ security measurements

Evaluate All Your Devices

Evaluate All Your Devices

Assess, manage, and demonstrate the security status of your entire inventory regardless of lifecycle stage.

Monitor Your Customer Deployments

Monitor Your Customer Deployments

Centralized visibility and management including alerting for threats and suspicious behavior.

Holistic IoT Security

Complete End-to-End Coverage

  • Devices, workstations, gateways, firewalls, cloud…

Entire Product Lifecycle

  • Design, deploy, monitor, maintain

Full Visibility

  • Searchable inventory, prioritized lists, detailed to holistic views
CPX Deployment Toolbox

No Heavy Lift.

  • CPX profiler automatically gathers existing data from available sources
    • Configuration, telemetry, log, network data and more
    • Users and in-field inventory
  • Extensive support for multitude of data sources
    • All major IoT platforms
CPX Security Engine

Comprehensive, End-to-End Solution Coverage

  • Best practices analysis across 100+ security measurements
    • Software vulnerabilities
    • Configuration weaknesses
    • Outdated OS & libraries
    • Network exposure
    • User/Authorization issues
    • Configuration changes
    • Threat monitoring
    • Anomalous behavior
  • Alerting, scoring, and benchmarking
CPX Portal Dashboard

Gain Full Visibility into Customer Deployed Assets

  • Prioritized list of actionable and rated (critical, high, low) security issues
  • Individual device and gateway level to holistic, rolled up view
  • Point in time & over time evaluations
  • Up-to-date regulatory and compliance reporting with a click