IoT Security: The Manufacturer’s New Role

Many of the leading IoT manufacturers have taken steps toward prioritizing security for their product lines. But many have looked no further than the design phase. Yes, they are starting to organize internally to bring security and product closer, but true security maturity is still far off.

If you haven’t started structuring your IoT solution with security in mind, there are compelling reasons to employ this strategy. In this whitepaper, we cover the trends that are driving IoT manufacturers to change, cover some key stats, and new regulations that will surprise you, and help you see why this is such a complex problem. The need to solve security issues for IoT devices is clear, and manufacturers will be on the hook to respond.

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"We are seeing customers becoming adamant about security and we need to respond. I can see this platform as the path to keeping us on the forefront and fully removing security as the barrier to increased connected sales."
Program Director, large medical device company