Market pressure from customers, regulators and standards bodies is increasingly putting IoT security in the spotlight. Leading connected product manufacturers know that robust security will become a primary differentiator, a source of new service revenue, and enable a higher level of integrated customer support.

Stakeholders from the business and technical side are uniting to create end-to-end security programs and finding new ways to increase the security posture for connected products including deployed devices. The manufacturers and service providers that respond quickly and thoroughly are poised to emerge as the solution of choice.

Learn how to make security an organization-wide priority

The CPX solution brings new value to organizations worldwide:

For Digital Product Security Teams

  • Gain complete security visibility and control over the full lifecycle of products including BOM capture, analysis, ongoing assessment, and alerts
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing solution platforms including IoT platforms and SIEMs
  • Ease compliance reporting, tracking, and disclosure
  • Enable cohesion across teams and product lines with a single source
  • Illustrate and prove progress over time

For IoT Product & Line of Business Leadership

  • Protect your brand’s reputation over the entire product lifecycle
  • Provide understandable “real world” security framework over a product’s lifetime
  • Increase adoption rates and maintain customer trust over time
  • Offer new “Security as a Service” add-on to your connected product program
  • Demonstrate compliance with a click
  • Gain a competitive differentiator

For Service Program Management

  • Gain full, centralized visibility into customer devices and alerts, no matter the age in field
  • Identify and triage common misconfigurations and security events
  • Efficiently integrate security events into your service ticketing system
  • Easily identify global updates and fixes required
  • Analyze and communicate events, impact, and risk to the end customer

For End Customer Security Teams

  • Remove ‘blind spots’ for IoT security
  • Monitor the security state of deployed devices on network over time
  • Provide visibility into security exposures for previously inaccessible device information
  • Address #1 concern about an IoT implementation and deployment
  • Address regulatory and compliance mandates

Across the IoT security ‘supply chain’, stakeholders on both sides gain valuable insights and recommendations to ensure the continued security of IoT deployments for their lifetime. The CPX platform is pre-engineered, designed to ‘layer onto’ existing solutions, purpose-built to handle IoT device complexity, and ready to go to work for you.